Imagine a Paperless Future with Taulia

At Taulia, we are always creating new ways of reducing the carbon footprint for our customers with our cloud-based solution that helps make organizations more environmentally responsible. Our innovative technology aims to eliminate meaningless paperwork and manual processes that saves time, money, and the environment!

Taulia makes it possible for AP departments to operate in a virtually paperless environment - from eliminating paper invoices to storing supplier documents electronically. Benefits of going paperless include:

  • Reducing costs associated with paper, printers, copiers, fax machines, toner, ink and mailing services
  • Increasing office space by eliminating on-site storage facilities
  • Increasing operational efficiency by eliminating time spent searching and sending documents
  • Creating faster workflows by utilizing electronic approvals and delivery methods
  • Never misplacing or losing documents with secure daily backups of data
  • Benefiting from real-time, instant updates

With Taulia, you can have more efficient processes, faster communication and more secure information – without ever wasting a single tree.